Steaks, Ground Beef, and K-Bobs (sirloin):


Thaw beef in the refrigerator, never in the microwave. 
Bring beef to room temperature before grilling.
Season beef and grill on very hot grill.
For 1” steaks and burgers, grill 4 minutes per side.
For 1.5 “ steaks, grill 5 minutes per side.
Add additional time to obtain desired doneness.
Our beef should not be cooked past medium!! 


Fajita Meat (Sirloin):

Fry in frying pan until brown.

Roasts, Brisket and Stew Meat (chuck):

Thaw beef in the refrigerator, never in the microwave
Cook beef in a pressure cooker or slow cooker to obtain tasty and tender beef.
Because Grass-Fed and Finished Beef is leaner, reduce your cooking time from conventional recipes by 30 %.
When using a meat thermometer, remove your beef from heat 10 – 15 degrees prior to desired temperature and let stand 10 minutes before serving.
For a 3 pound roast, cooking time in a pressure cooker is about 50-55 minutes plus 20 – 25 minutes to naturally discharge steam after cooking.
Or a 3 pound roast in a crock pot, plan at least 8 hours. Cook until desired tenderness.

We have been enjoying your ground beef product. I’m hoping to try a roast soon. Thank you for growing grass-fed beef in the Mimbres.
— Lynnae